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What Is A Portable Sewing Machine?

By Jessica Strohlson

If you are a lover of all things sewing but are always constantly on the go, you may have found yourself to be in desperate need of a portable sewing machine! Maybe you’re considering purchasing one but have no idea what to even consider, but no worries, this article has got you covered. You may be asking yourself, what is a portable sewing machine? The simple answer, a portable sewing machine is made just like a regular sewing machine, the only difference is that portable sewing machines are going to be much smaller, lighter, and well, portable for your convenience!

Portable Sewing Machine Vs Handheld Sewing Machine

Perhaps you have heard of portable sewing machines but thought of them to be similar to handheld sewing machines, which, as many of us know, are not always the best option for on-the-go sewers such as yourself. It is important to note that portable sewing machines are not to be confused with a handheld sewing machine for many reasons including the fact that handheld sewing machines, while they are also portable, are much more limited when it comes to their capabilities while a portable sewing machine is built just like a standard sewing machine, meaning it is built to handle more difficult tasks.

Handheld sewing machines are made more so for the convenience of hemming clothing or curtains without having to take anything down as well as the convenience of fixing a small hole in your clothes while on the go and not anywhere near your sewing machine at home. Portable Sewing Machines offer a wider range of capabilities that the average handheld sewing machine does not. For example, portable sewing machines are more likely to be able to handle thicker and heavier fabrics such as leather or denim, though it is highly recommended to be more cautious with these fabrics as they are tough, whereas handheld sewing machines are simply out of the question when it comes to being able to take on these heavier fabrics. Portable sewing machines also offer a wider range of stitching techniques and features compared to a handheld sewing machine. So, if you found yourself comparing the two machines, think again! Portable sewing machines are much sturdier and more equipped for the job than you may have once thought. This leads us to the following question: why should you consider purchasing a portable sewing machine.

Why Consider a Portable Sewing Machine?

First things first, consider asking yourself why you are interested in investing in a portable sewing machine? Or perhaps, what are you planning to use this sewing machine for? For the reason being, if you are simply looking for a smaller or cheaper model to begin your sewing model but are still considering taking on large projects, portable sewing may not be the best option for your very first sewing machine; in this case, a traditional sewing machine would better suit your needs. On the contrary, for beginner sewers who want to learn on a smaller machine, the simplicity of the portable machine can still be considered.

So, now that we have got that question out the way, consider your needs. Are you planning to use your portable sewing as your dominant sewing machine for all projects, or are you planning to only bring it out of the closet for a quick alteration job, traveling needs, or maybe you just want to always be prepared for that friend you know always snags their clothing on something! Have I convinced you to purchase a portable sewing machine for yourself yet? If so, consider these 5 models when you begin your shopping hunt.

What Are the Top 5 Best Sewing Machines Out There?

So, it looks like you are considering purchasing the handy, portable sewing machine. So now you may be wondering, what are some of the best models to consider when looking to purchase your first portable sewing machine? Here is a quick list of some of the most highly rated portable sewing machines on the market today:

  1. Brother CS5055PRW

Brother, one of the most reputable brands out there. If you have not already heard, this particular brand, Brother, makes some of the best sewing machines on the market! This portable model is generally one of the lightest portable sewing machines out there while still being sturdy enough to take on your tougher projects.

  1. EverSewn Maker 200

This incredibly sturdy machine is a bit on the heavier side, but it gets the job done!

EverSewn is another great sewing machine brand similar to Brother and Singer.

  1. Janome SEW MINI

This model has to be one of the smaller machines on the list. Not to fear though, this sturdy little guy, though it may be somewhat limited as you may have guessed, is one of the better options for beginner sewers out there. Plus, when it comes to portability, at only 6.9 lbs, it is extremely easy to carry and knock out a few of your smaller tasks.

  1. Michley LSS-202

Are you looking for an even smaller model? Perhaps the smallest little sewing machine there ever was? Well, look no further than the Michley LSS-202! This small but mighty machine gets the job done, contrary to what you may believe. This is yet another great working, stable option when it comes to portable sewing machines as long as you remember to keep in mind that it does NOT work as well as your everyday sewing machine. As you may have already guessed, it is not nearly as sturdy.

  1. Brother ES2000

Back to the basics of Brother! This specific portable model comes with a computerized screen, making it easier to scroll through tension adjustments. In addition to this, this model offers a free-motion sewing option! This is an amazing extra feature as most portable sewing machines do not come with this option, what a score!

With all of that being said, let’s also consider your budget. While all of the portable sewing machines mentioned above are listed at a fairly reasonable price, this should not be your key focal point when looking to purchase a portable sewing machine. You can choose to splurge and purchase a digital machine with a larger variety of stitches and features, or you can save this splurge for your home sewing machine if you plan on owning both portable and at-home machines. However, if you are simply considering portable sewing for most projects, I may recommend the digital models.

Consider Your Skill Level

Portable sewing machines are great for first-time sewers as the small, convenient size makes it easier to learn stitches and more skills. With that being said, portable sewing machines are also used for highly skilled sewers on the go! What we are trying to say is, portable sewing machines are suited for every skill level and every need and that we simply must recommend purchasing one of the models listed above. Whatever crazy locations you plan on carrying your new portable sewing machine, you now have all the information you need to get you ready to sew on the go!

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