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Who Makes The Best Sewing Machines?

By Jessica Strohlson

Sewing machines are an essential and memorable addition to many homes and a necessary purchase for many businesses. As a result, they have been a prominent staple in society for generations.

One high-quality machine can be an investment that lasts many years to a lifetime. Therefore, it’s imperative to research and find the most high-quality brands that fit your needs before purchasing an expensive sewing machine.

Our personal favorite brands that sell sewing machines are Singer and Brother.


Singer is one of the most recognized and reputable sewing machine brands currently available for consumers. The American-based company has manufacturers in China. 

The company offers a wide range of high-quality, heavy-duty machines. Some consist of metal internal parts, and there are more computerized machines with additional features. You’ll want to research to find what kind of machine you’d like to purchase from them.

Suppose you’d like a touch of history in your purchase. In that case, you’ll also be able to find vintage Singer sewing machines made up of black metal and externally decorated with beautiful and intricate gold writing. These have become collectibles and are worth a lot.

Singer is one of our favorites due to the diversity and durability of their machines. 

To purchase a machine, visit:


Brother Industries is the newer name for the Japanese company called Yasui Sewing Machine. The company manufactures various kinds of equipment, both electronic and electrical. 

The equipment they manufacture is not limited to sewing machines; the brand also makes and sells printers, computers, computer parts, and tools for large machinery. 

Their sewing machines are highly durable and easy to use. They’re more suitable for commercial use than home use, so it’s a great purchase if you’re running a business. In addition, their models are constantly updated and improved through technological advancements, making them increasingly more efficient.

Their products are also highly affordable in comparison to other brands, making them a commonly purchased brand and leader in the sewing industry.

To purchase a machine, visit: 

Other Notable Brands

While Brother and Singer are our top two companies to purchase sewing machines from, many other brands still have high-quality and durable products on the market.

Here are some memorable examples:

Baby Lock

Baby Lock is a historical Japanese company, which initially exclusively produced overlock machines. 

Today, the brand manufactures 50+ sewing machines and crossover models that are highly efficient for sewing, embroidery, quilting, and other needs.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


Bernina is a memorable brand as it was a pioneer when it came to multi-functional sewing machines. As time went on, their brands continued to adapt, incorporating computerization and other forms of technological advancements. They also added sergers to their catalog.

Their standard machine models are straightforward to use, making them perfect for beginners.

Many of their domestic machines are labeled “Bernette,” as Bernina is the parent company to Bernette. Their machines are a bit on the pricier side, but it can be a worthwhile investment.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


Elna is a Swiss company with a wide variety of high-quality machines. This company made it much easier to sew sleeves with the creation of arm sewing features for devices, inspiring other manufacturers to incorporate this attachment.

They have a catalog of both vintage and modern machines. Their machines were initially manufactured in Switzerland and are now manufactured in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. 

While the newer appliances are good, many consider the older Swiss machines to be of higher quality.

To learn more about their machines, visit:

Husqvarna Viking

Husqvarna Viking is a Swedish brand that is one of the most purchased in Europe. It is owned by the same parent company as Singer.

Husqvarna Viking initially produced heavy machineries like chainsaws and motorbikes, eventually adding sewing machines to their catalog. When they joined the sewing industry, they immediately innovated, becoming the first brand to add the zig-zag function to their sewing machines and incorporated microchips for the first time, making it a trailblazer for many other companies. 

Today, they have a broad range of sewing machines.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


Janome is a highly versatile brand, manufacturing coverstitch, sergers, and sewing machines for both industrial and home use purposes. 

Janome was one of the original companies to manufacture computerized household sewing machines. Janome translates to “eye of the snake,” which is a tribute to the innovative thread system on their first sewing machines.

Their machines are also cheap, making them a high-quality purchase for people on a budget.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


Juki is a Japanese sewing brand. Originally, the company exclusively made industrial sewing machines. However, over time they expanded their inventory and began manufacturing both industrial and home sewing machines of different types, becoming one of the top leaders in the rag industry.

Their machines are mighty; however, they don’t make a lot of noise.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


This China-manufactured brand was purchased by SVP Group, the parent company of Singer. 

Pfaff was the first to incorporate IDT (Integrated Dual Technology) in their products, making sewing touching material like zippers much more efficient. Now, they use the Acu Feed Technology System.

Today, this company is revered for the durability of their machines, as they’re able to sew through multiple layers of thick materials. However, their devices are best for more experienced users rather than beginners.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


When many people hear the name “Toyota,” they think of vehicles, most often cars. However, it’s been over 75 years since Toyota began manufacturing sewing machines, which have garnered more popularity in Europe than in the United States.

Toyota has an extensive catalog of sewing machines optimized for both beginners and experienced users, making the brand a good option regardless of expertise level and needs.

To learn more about their machines, visit:


Similar to Toyota, Jaguar is known for manufacturing and selling cars. However, the company also specialized in producing and selling sewing machines.

Their machines are very durable, made of metal parts, making them an excellent investment for potential life-lasting purchases. They’re also straightforward to use for professionals and beginners alike so that anybody can enjoy their machines without any difficulty.

To purchase a machine, visit:


Doing the research required to purchase an excellent first, additional, or replacement sewing machine is worth it.

It can be highly disappointing to purchase an appliance, only for it to be subpar or faulty. Meanwhile, it can be a worthwhile and fulfilling investment when you buy from high-quality and reputable brands.

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