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How to Learn Sewing at Home

By Jessica Strohlson

Are you thinking of taking up sewing? Not only is sewing a fun, creative hobby but it is also an extremely handy skill to have! Whether you plan on learning to sew for crafty purposes such as costume design, creating your very own clothing or other decorative reasons or if you are simply learning skills such as hemming, tailoring and more, there are plenty of ways to get started. Here are a few tips, books you can read, videos you can watch and other helpful tools to get you going on your sewing journey.

The Best Sewing Books for Beginners:

You don’t have to pay for fashion school or go to any fancy classes to learn how to sew, you can learn from the comfort of your very own home with the help of a few books and maybe some Do It Yourself YouTube videos. With that being said, listed below are five of the best beginners guide to sewing books to help a beginner like yourself get started in the wonderful world that is sewing.

  • First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

This is one of the best learning tools for beginners because it gives step-by-step instructions from the most basic of tasks such as threading a needle (though sometimes this can be the most frustrating part of sewing) all the way through to some more complicated tasks – don’t worry, you learn as you go along. First Time Sewing also offers a collection of step-by-step, fun projects for you to create with ease. The skills demonstrated throughout this book will be some of the most useful skills throughout your entire sewing career – from machine sewing down to hand sewing. To get started, you can purchase this fantastic copy from Amazon.

  • Sewing 101: Master Basic Skills and Techniques

Sewing 101 is one of the most helpful books I’ve come across when it comes to learning how to sew. This book has been given to first time fashion students as well at-home beginners. This is another guide that covers step-by-step instructions from the very basics. Sewing 101 offers a series of projects and techniques and is dived into two different categories to fit every need. These two categories are: home décor and garments. This is yet another book you can purchase here from Amazon for only $11 – amazing! Let’s get going!

  • The Sewing Machine Classroom

Many first-time sewers do not have a single clue on where to begin using their sewing machine, let alone what sewing machine they should invest in for their first project. The Sewing Machine Classroom is here to help teaching you all about how to make the best of your sewing machine. Unlike the other books listed throughout this article, this guide does not include projects but rather focuses on more detailed techniques and tips on how to troubleshoot all of your machine related problems, overcome tension issues and perform basic maintenance. You can find a brand new copy of this guide for only $43 on amazon as well.

  • The Sewing Book: An Encyclopedic Resource of Step-by-Step Techniques

Another sewing book great for sewers interested in making garments as well as beautiful home décor. The Sewing Book will teach beginners how to measure, how to adjust garments, read patterns, and perform basic sewing tasks – hey the basics are the bread and butter of sewing. To top off, this book includes a 25 project collection of home décor and clothing designs to put your new sewing skills to the ultimate test. Hurry and get this fantastic copy from Amazon for $31 brand new!

  • Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time

More sewing projects! The best way to learn if I do say so myself. This fun, simple book teaches you the basic stitches, how to create patterns, how to make darts and more beginner tips. This book is great for beginner sewers who want to master the art of stitching and pattern making, but it also designed to reach sewers of all skill levels. With projects ranging from a simple tote to A-line Skirt down to a cap-sleeved blouse, this beautiful guide truly has it all. 

If you’re a visual learner, picking up the 5 books mentioned above is a great place to start to get familiar with the world of sewing, but looking up a few sewing tips and tricks on YouTube or Skillshare would be a great addition to your at-home learning process. Though Skillshare is an amazing website to get involved it, it does require a monthly membership fee – totally worth it if I may add – however, if you’re looking for a quicker, cheaper approach, YouTube is the world’s favorite accessible video learning platform. You can head to YouTube and type “sewing for beginners” into the search bar and find videos such as:

  1. Beginners Sewing Course – Day 1 – The Basics
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to SEWING! How to use a sewing machine
  3. Sewing 101 // Ultimate Beginners Guide
  4. How to understand sewing patterns (for beginners!)
  5. Hand- Sewing | Basic Stitches and Techniques

Each of these videos cover a wide range of topics when it comes to the basics of sewing. Whether you want to get familiar with your sewing machine, learn the basics of hand-sewing and techniques, understand pattern making, or maybe even just a simple tip on hemming or altering your favorite dress or pair of pants. These videos are no longer than 20 minutes and offer an amazing set of skills and techniques right from the comfort of your home, your design studio, or wherever you are! Hey – it’s YouTube, it’s portable and free! Sign me up!

List of Items You Need to Get Started on Sewing:

So now that we have covered where to gain your skills and knowledge from, let’s talk about the list of essential tools you’ll need to start sewing.

  • Sewing Machine – of course!
  • Seam rippers. Whether you are a beginner or a sewing professional, you are going to make a few mistakes down the road. Seam rippers are an essential, nifty tool to reap what you sew.
  • Fabric Scissors. Please do not use your old kitchen scissors to cut fabric – IT WILL NOT WORK and you may even ruin your fabric. Investing in a good pair of fabric scissors can cost no more than $40, and that’s if we’re getting really fancy here.
  • Tape Measure. A must for all sewers from every skill level. Have you ever heard the old saying “measure twice and cut once”? Yes, apply that here.
  • Rotary Cutter.  This handy tool allows you to cut curves more accurately as well as cut through several layers of fabric at once.
  • Pins.
  • Band-Aids. You may want to keep these handy in your trust sewing kit because let’s face it, we’re working with sharp objects here.
  • Fabric, fabric and more fabric! How else will you create your beautiful designs and bring them to life?

The Best Places to Buy Your Sewing Machine and Other Basic Needs:

Where can you can all of the trusty essential listed above? Great question! We have go you covered, actually these sellers have got you covered:

  • Joanne’s Fabric Store – a trusty place for all of your sewing needs including fabric, sewing kit tool, and of course, sewing machines!
  • Michael’s – a craft store famous for a reason. It’s a creator’s dream offering affordable tools needed to bring their creations to life.
  • Amazon – it’s easy and delivered straight to your door.

Now that you have all of your tools, your books, your beginner’s video guides and where to find them, it’s time to start sewing!

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